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Date modified: 1 July 2020

Lebanon remains a highly volatile environment both politically and economically, with massive protests against the ruling parties at the end of 2019, ongoing tension between Hezbollah and Israel, and a national debt that is one of the highest in the world. A central issue confronting the country is the ongoing Syrian crisis, with over one million Syrians resident in the country, representing almost a quarter of the overall Lebanese population.

Lebanese civil society is vibrant and civil society organisation coalitions have resisted pressure and intimidation from the security forces and militias preserving their freedoms and diminishing the influences of the country’s traditional political powers. Many donors continue to divert funding to international organisations and NGOs working with Syrian refugees and to humanitarian and development aid.

EED approach and added value

  • Fill the gap in the current funding environment, providing seed funding to new initiatives
  • Ensure flexibility and discretion to fund timely and sensitive initiatives

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Initiatives promoting transparency and anti-corruption
  • Organisations working on youth and women’s empowerment
  • Initiatives supporting activists working with refugees
  • Grassroots activities and innovative forms of civic activism
  • Alternative media initiatives

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