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EED supports local media - including bloggers, digital platforms, satirists and other innovative news and information outlets - to grow as independent and quality communication channels as a mechanism to ensure media pluralism and access to independent and alternative information.

Overview of EED support

EED can provide funding to a wide range of initiatives to help sustain and develop independent news outlets, assist journalists and media outlets operating in repressive environments, or support start-up outlets.

In this way, EED works to strengthen media pluralism and improve access to credible news and critical comment to people denied reliable information. Approximately one-third of EED’s funding portfolio is media-related. EED particularly aims to fill gaps in areas not supported by other donors.

EED also contributes to enhancing media credibility and balance in the Eastern Partnership countries and beyond, by strengthening the independent Russian language media offer in the region.

  • Special project: Russian language media initiative

    The recommendations from the study were first presented in May 2015 during the first Eastern Partnership  (EaP) media conference in Riga. EED has since acted as the co-ordinating body in implementing the key recommendations of the report.

    Alongside the creation, jointly with other donors, of a news hub Russian Language News Exchange (RLNE), EED has also supported the development of the Riga-based Baltic Centre for Media Excellence (BCME), and co-ordinated the establishment of the Creative Content Support Fund (Content Fund).

    Russian Language News Exchange

    Facilitated by the Amsterdam-based Free Press Unlimited, RLNE focuses primarily on the provision of high-quality, balanced, and independent Russian language news content to audiences of the EaP region and Russia. In addition to the  core support, EED’s funding aimed at reformatting and repackaging content produced by RLNE partners for Russian-speaking social media users.

    Baltic Centre for Media Excellence

    The BCME’s EaP Programme operates as a secretariat for independent Russian language media outlets and wider community of practice. It is a one-stop-shop resource for co-ordinating research and analysis as well as provision of media training in the EaP region and beyond. 

    Content Fund

    The Content Fund is a unique mechanism for granting support to broadcasters and digital platforms for the production and acquisition of distinctive, entertaining, and informative Russian language non-news TV and video content. This is primarily targeted at Russian-speaking audiences in the EaP region and beyond, and includes documentaries, talk shows and drama.

    Since late 2016 the Content Fund has been hosted by EED with a view to setting up an independent foundation registered in Brussels with an executive office in Kyiv, which will be established in due course. To find out more about the Content Fund grants, how to apply and supported projects, visit the website.

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