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  • Status: Closed
  • Thematic area: Independent and social media platforms
  • Country: Georgia
  • Year approved:2019

Squander Detector

  • Name of organisation / initiative supported: Governance Monitoring Center (GMC)
  • Start date: 1 May 2019
  • End date: 1 May 2020

Initiative summary:

Despite its petty corruption ranking being at an all-time low, concerns about public spending and isolated incidents of corruption have persisted in Georgia. To address this issue, the Governance Monitoring Center (GMC) acts a non-partisan policy watchdog, which monitors the performance of the Georgian government in the fields of public policy. The media initiative, which has already had some notable successes, aims to increase transparency on issues of public spending and corruption through consistent reporting. With EED’s grant GMC will be able to enhance their operations and increase their exposure amongst the Georgian public.

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