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  • Status: Closed
  • Thematic area: Civic activism and participation
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Year approved:2017

Go East_Global Office NGO

  • Name of organisation / initiative supported: Go East_Global Office NGO
  • Start date: 1 June 2017
  • End date: 31 March 2018

Initiative summary:

There are numerous unresolved issues facing residents of Donbas in conflict-ridden Eastern Ukraine.

In addition, the capacity of society in the region to self-organise, raise resources locally and also promote their interests is still hindered by paternalistic attitudes towards the state and underdeveloped local and regional civic leadership. In this context, Go East Global seeks to strengthen the existing and develop new community leaders in the Donbas area. It also aims to enhance regional links between the grassroots agents of change and Kyiv-based efforts by organising Forums of Trust to address the challenges of the region. Forums of Trust will provide a safe space and ‘idea labs’ for engaging different NGOs, city councils and small business with the purpose of building dialogue and creating joint projects.


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