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  • Status: Assigned
  • Thematic area: Civic activism and participation
  • Country: Syria, Lebanon
  • Year approved:2018

Lamsat Ward

  • Name of organisation / initiative supported: Lamsat Ward
  • Start date: 1 October 2018
  • End date: 31 July 2019

Initiative summary:

By renewing its support to Lamsat Ward, EED will help a grassroots Syrian-led organisation operating in Lebanon to consolidate a young and promising initiative, the Kateteeb Center for Culture and Dialogue.

The Tripoli-based community centre set up in 2016 has become a local hub for cultural, intellectual dialogue and community work for young people, in particular Syrian refugees, in the north of Lebanon. Lamsat Ward seeks to maintain a vibrant and open intellectual environment for local youth, where democratic values and principles are shared and taught, and youth engagement in public affairs, encouraged. Capacity building on conducting research, moderating debates along with cinema club and cultural contests will be offered to the local youth.

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