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  • Status: Closed
  • Thematic area: Other
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Year approved:2013

Observation of December Repeat Parliamentary Elections

  • Name of organisation / initiative supported: Cherkassy Committee of Voters of Ukraine
  • Start date: 22 November 2013
  • End date: 22 December 2014

Initiative summary:

The Cherkassy Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CCVU) mobilised voters in two electoral districts to take part in the repeat parliamentary elections (15 December) and to help protect the electoral process from manipulations.

More than 100,000 leaflets providing basic information about the elections were distributed. The organisation introduced a voter hotline and provided over 200 expert consultations in the run-up to the repeat elections. An interactive map detailing all reported violations of the electoral law was published online. It shows that the election process was fairly free in electoral district no.197, but that election results in the district no. 194 were distorted due to manipulation of the process and bribery of voters.

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