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MEP Lambsdorff re-elected Chair of EED Executive Committee

23 February 2016

At the first meeting of the newly reconstituted Executive Committee, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff MEP was re-elected as Chair of the Executive Committee.

EED Executive Committee

The meeting held in Brussels on 23 February was the first meeting of the Executive Committee since its composition was re-confirmed by the Board of Governors for an additional three-year term in December 2015. Lisbeth Pilegaard was also re-elected as Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee.

“I am delighted to be re-elected as Chair of the Executive Committee. The EED has achieved impressive work in its first three years helping democracy activists respond to the increasing challenges they face in the European neighbourhood and beyond. I look forward to play a key role in driving this forward over the next few years.” noted Lambsdorff.

The Executive Committee comprises Alexander Graf Lambsdorff MEP (Chair), Lisbeth Pilegaard (Civil Society Expert) – Vice Chair; Maria Ligor (Romania), Hansi Escobar (Spain), Sandra Breka (Civil Society Expert), Pavol Demeš (Civil Society Expert) and Jerzy Pomianowski (EED Executive Director). It meets six times a year to approve grants for funding and provide guidance to EED’s work.

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