09 October 2019-10 October 2019
Location Warsaw, Poland

Boris Nemtzov Forum

9 October 2019 - 10 October 2019
Warsaw, Poland

The Boris Nemtsov Forum is an independent platform for constructive EU-Russia dialogue. The Forum was launched in 2016 to facilitate discussions in order to enhance mutual understanding and foster strong relations between European and Russian thought leaders.

Our goal is to bring together representatives of the new Russian generation and to introduce them to their Western colleagues in order to create a pro-European generation of future Russian leaders whose commitment and vision will lead to real change.

The key idea of the Forum is the shared belief that Russia is a European country, not only in terms of geography but in terms of its preferred mode of civil society.The Boris Nemtsov Forum brings together Russian and Western experts from the business communities, from the political sphere, and other leaders from civil society who are interested in developing a European future for Russia.

The Forum is a two-day conference that takes place in early October and is attended by 300-400 participants. The event kicks off with the Speech on Freedom delivered by a prominent Russian and/or European intellectual, artist, or other public figure. In the opening speech, the speaker elaborates on what freedom means to him/her and why it is important to preserve democratic values for Russia.

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