03 December 2019 08:30 to 13:30
Location Brussels, Belgium

It takes two to tango: the Western Balkans between hope and reality

3 December 2019 08:30 to 13:30
Brussels, Belgium

This year’s high-level international conference, now in its 20th year, offers a key moment to debate the future of the Balkans and explore new ideas and approaches in the presence of an audience of over two hundred people, including EU and national policymakers, government officials, representatives from business and international organisations as well as leading academics and journalists.

Latest developments, like the Prespa-Agreement, have raised hopes that the Western Balkans can move forward in overcoming old disagreements, ensure regional economic development and speed up reconciliation. Recent European Parliament elections and the composition of a new European Commission could also give new impetus to accession negotiations and preparations for EU membership. Much will depend however, on the political will and determination shown by both sides.

What would be the elements of a new narrative which would help to overcome « accession fatigue » in the region caused by long, complicated and bureaucratic interactions between the EU and the Balkans?
How is the EU encouraging the inclusion of youth and women in the Western Balkans labour market?
Can digitalisation enhance employment opportunities for women and young people, including through facilitating tech start-ups?
How can the EU and international organisations enhance reconciliation both at the governmental and societal level?

The schedule can be accessed here.