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Date modified: 9 June 2020

2019 saw a radical change to the political landscape in Ukraine with the election of a celebrity president and a single-party parliament comprised of mostly novice lawmakers, evidence of the population’s deep-rooted distrust of the country’s political establishment.

Ukraine continues to face many challenges. The war in the East continues to take its toll on society and it affects all other efforts to transform the country. The illegal annexation of Crimea and human rights abuses there continue. Despite many positive changes in reform efforts after the Revolution of Dignity, state institutions remain weak and civil society organisations continue to perform many state functions. Corruption is also a major issue that is hindering the reform process.

Civil society plays an important role in Ukraine as a watchdog to government, ensuring accountability, and as an innovator, often providing solutions to complex social problems. Civil society is generally trusted by the population.

EED approach and added value

  • Provide fast and flexible support to new civic and political actors, especially at grassroots and regional level for unregistered or emerging democratic groups and individuals
  • Support for women-led initiatives and those engaging youth and local community-based activism, especially in the regions and remote areas
  • Fill an important funding gap, in particular for nascent groups or those deemed too politically sensitive for other donors and particularly to youth initiatives.

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Hubs promoting local civic and youth activism
  • Anti-corruption centres in the regions
  • Support for nascent media organisations, especially in the regions


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