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Date modified: 9 October 2020

While more stable than its neighbouring countries, Morocco has regressed in terms of freedoms and democratisation standards in recent years. High levels of unemployment and corruption remain pressing issues. Despite some progress in areas such as reform of the justice system and women’s rights, conditions for the human rights movement continue to deteriorate in the face of a resilient deep state.

EED approach and added value

  • Support innovative organisations that bring new thinking and ideas to civil society
  • Fill gaps in support by providing funding to organisations whose activities would be otherwise hindered
  • Support youth groups and minorities with the goal of increasing their participation in public and political life

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Initiatives fostering debate in support of equality between men and women with respect to inheritance rights
  • Organisations increasing civil society participation in shaping local policies
  • A platform to support young Moroccan journalists including through specialised trainings


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