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Date modified: 5 June 2020


As an EU candidate country and NATO member, Montenegro is strategically committed to the process of European integration. A lack of political diversity in the country over the past 30 years, with the same political party in power most of this period, has meant that political corruption and cronyism within public institutions are widespread. This has led to the emergence of local community initiatives that focus on popular issues such as the state’s disrespect for property rights and the environment. Media coverage tends to be partisan and combative and marked by self-censorship. There are few independent media outlets.

 EED approach and added value

  • Core and start-up funding to independent media and journalists, and the promotion of professional journalism
  • Demand-driven support to civic engagement, including youth
  • Emergency, bridge, core and start-up funding to civil society with focus at the community level

 Examples of supported initiatives

  • Core support to an independent online media including establishment and training of a group of young professional journalists
  • Start-up funding to Roma portal promoting quality journalism and lead by young Roma professionals
  • Core support to an association of journalists to develop its services to members through free legal and psychological aid


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