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Date modified: 28 June 2020

The political situation in Moldova remains volatile. 2019 saw the formation of an anti-oligarchic anti-corruption alliance-government, however this government fell after five months due to disagreements over the implementation of reforms related to European integration, including the selection of an independent Prosecutor General and revamping the Supreme Court. This saw the restoration of a government coalition led by politicians with links to Russia and corrupt groups and a backtracking on the reform agenda launched by the short-lived democratic government.

Civic and political activists and independent media played a major role in the political transformation.

With the upcoming presidential elections in the end of 2020, pro-Russian and government forces are using their dominant position in the media and their control of state administration to marginalise and stigmatise the opposition. The Moldovan media market remains highly politicised, skewing revenue streams towards pro-Russian outlets close to the President and pro-Russian forces, while making independent media dependent on international donor support.

Domestic and Russian disinformation are rampant and affect citizens’ views. Pro-democracy civil society, political activists and independent media remain focused on mobilising citizens on issues such as corruption, state capture, an independent judiciary, governance and economic development.

While civil society currently operates relatively freely in most of Moldova, the environment is more difficult in both Transnistria and Gagauzia.

EED approach and added value

  • Enable civic activists to steer public debates towards issues that really matter to people
  • Support nascent forms of civic and political activism in the regions and at the local level
  • Focus on initiatives that provide credible and quality alternative sources of information, especially for Russian-speaking minorities

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Innovative independent media outlets
  • Initiatives promoting human rights through artistic expression and community development
  • Civic organisations from remote regions that mobilise and enhance participation of activists

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