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Date modified: 5 June 2020

In recent years, Kosovo* has struggled with a number of internal political crises, which have hindered the reform agenda and democratic consolidation. Following the 2019 general election, Kosovo went through its first true democratic transition of power, raising expectations that corruption will be addressed and the economy revived. Unfortunately, however, Kosovo is facing yet another constitutional crisis amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both the internal dynamics as well as Kosovo’s relations with Serbia will be crucial in determining how Kosovo moves on to consolidate its democracy. Corruption, cronyism, political clientelism characterise Kosovo’s political system, in which power continues to be held by informal structures of strong political leaders. While civil society is free and vibrant, it is also subject to ongoing pressure from the authorities. The media landscape is relatively free and even oversaturated, but the quality of reporting remains poor.

 EED approach and added value

  • Provide support to emerging civic actors, particularly grassroots organisations
  • Support politically sensitive actors and actions
  • Support independent media
  • Support youth activism

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Innovative media platforms and products
  • Independent bloggers and activists
  • Local organisations working on bridging the Albanian and Serb commun

* All references to Kosovo on this website should be understood without prejudice to positions on status, and in line with the United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999) and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo status of independence.


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