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Date modified: 11 June 2020

2019 was marked by a period of mass peaceful protests across the country. There was a public outcry when the authorities used unnecessary force to break up these demonstrations. The government has recently agreed to change to a mostly proportional electoral system, one of the demands of the demonstrators, and this will be effective for the upcoming 2020 elections.

While civil society is able to operate relatively freely, oligarchic power continues to wield substantial influence. Corruption remains rife, particularly among the political elite. The media landscape has become increasingly politicised, and independent outlets struggle to survive. With most civil society organisations concentrated in the capital, civic engagement in the regions remains low.

EED approach and added value

  • Provide support to young and nascent political leaders and initiatives for greater pluralism in political debate
  • Support for independent media
  • Work with partners in remote regions to support grassroots civic activism

Examples of supported initiatives

  • Independent media outlets struggling to survive due to political pressure and/or lack of funding
  • Grassroots civic activist groups in the regions
  • Anti-corruption initiatives


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