Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Centre (KhAC) – Ukraine

Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Centre (KhAC) is a watchdog organisation that works on countering corruption by executive authorities and local government and holding them accountable in Kharkiv city and the wider region. The KhAC, founded in July 2015 by a collective of Kharkiv Euromaidan activists, has become one of the most influential civil society organisations working on the anti-corruption agenda at the local and national level in Ukraine. Among other activities, the KhAC conduct investigations on cases of government corruption, analyse the governments use of public resources and appeal illegal government decisions through judicial proceedings.

Independent Journalists Group – Georgia

Despite a the challenging environment in which they operate, media outlets in Georgia play a key role in informing the public and enriching public debate. This facet of their work will be particularly important ahead of the country’s upcoming 2020 parliamentary elections.

With EED’s support, the Independent Journalists Group will build an independent media platform – – which aims to take on a ‘watchdog’ role over government activities. The platform will cover underreported current socio-political events with a particular focus on issues related to education and healthcare.

Sexual Assault Crisis Centre - Armenia

Gender inequality and sexual violence has become a prevalent issue in Armenia, particularly given the absence of state mechanisms to protect victims. The Sexual Assault Crisis Centre (SACC), is an organisation that aims to change the discriminatory narrative, attitudes and behaviour among state and non-state actors, as well as among the public, towards sexual violence in Armenia through awareness-raising activities. It also aims to help establish better response mechanisms locally and on the state level, as well as to address the issue through extensive capacity-building trainings for regional NGOs.

Association for the Development of Democracy – Moldova
The parliamentary elections that took place in Moldova in February 2019 resulted in a dozen young pro-democracy MPs making their way into the Moldovan parliament. Despite their large presence, their capacity to take on their roles meaningfully has been hampered by their limited access to political and legal expertise. With EED’s support the Association for the Development of Democracy (DECID) will support and strengthen the voice of young pro-reform politicians in Moldovan politics, by ensuring they access to policy expertise.

Al Murasila - Lebanon

While there are a multitude of media outlets in Lebanon, a significant portion of them are affiliated to the state, powerful politicians and oligarchs, or their political parties. To fill the gap in independent news outlets in Lebanon, EED will support Al Murasila, or The (Female) Correspondent, an independent online news platform led by two women, focusing exclusively on long-form investigative reporting. The platform aims to engage in accountability and investigative journalism necessary to hold the Lebanese state to account for its upcoming reforms and legislations.

Voice of Nas (VON) - Syria

Voice of Nas FM (VON FM) is a media organisation founded by a group of local journalists in Qamishli, Syria in 2017. With EED’s support VON FM aim to produce and broadcast community-based audio and visual programmes in the North East of Syria to addresss the negative effects and impact of extremism in the region, contribute to social peace and promote civic values amongst the local communities. To further the reach of their work in countering extremist ideologies, VON FM aim to collaborate with local CSOs.

Fraternity for Human Rights - Syria

The Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights (FFHR) promote the right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly (FoAA) in the North-East region of Syria which is under the control of the Kurdish Self-Administration. The organisation’s overall objective is to reinforce the role of the civil society as a key pillar of democratic governance in the area. With EED’s support, FFHR are launching an initiative to advocate for amending the FoAA law in accordance with international standards through coordinated advocacy with local CSOs and awareness raising activities on FoAA.

Siwa Platform – Tunisia

The Siwa Plateforme is a community-run cultural centre which was set up in Redeyef, Tunisia in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution with the aim of empowering local youth, promoting social cohesion and community mobilisation through cultural activities. The premises of the centre are in an abandoned building that belongs to the Gafsa Phosphate Company (GPC). The building was inaugurated as a local cultural centre in 2014 and has since become a one of a kind space for young citizens to developing the necessary tools to develop their talent. With EED’s support, the Siwa Platform will refurbish L’Economat building in order to better accommodate visitors and to be able to resume their activities at full capacity.

Civic Space Studies Association - Turkey

In Turkey, universities have become a central ideological battleground and a target of government oppression, affecting academics as well as students. The Civic Space Studies (CSS) has been established as an association aimed supporting the expansion of civic space, monitoring and countering the crackdown on civic activism by the government. With EED’s support the association aims to bring the issue of persecution of student activists and young rights advocates to the fore and provide much needed support to campus activism.

Adana Feminist Avukatlar Inisiyatifi

The Adana Feminist Lawyers Initiative was formed by a group of female lawyers who have worked on defending women subjected to domestic violence in the city of Adana in Turkey. Ultimately, they aim to change gender discriminatory attitudes of the judicial system in the Adana province and increase public awareness on these issues. They also aim to train the upcoming generation of lawyers on how to identify and counter gender discrimination in the judicial system.

Açık Radyo – Turkey

Açık Radyo (Open radio), is an independent radio station broadcasting high quality shows from their studio in central Istanbul for over 20 years. Covering a range of issues, from the current political developments over ecology to culture, they fill an important gap in the Turkish media landscape by providing critical and in-depth perspectives as well as a platform for civil society actors make their voices heard. With EED’s support Açık Radyo will update of their technical infrastructure and expand their operations.

Albanian Centre for Quality Journalism

The media landscape in Albania lacks independence. Many existing media outlets are owned and influenced by political figures and business men. As a consequence, journalists and editors are prone to censorship and self-censorship. With EED’s support, the Albanian Centre for Quality Journalism (ACQJ) is establishing a training programme to train journalists on ‘Mobile Journalism’which could be used as a means to circumvent the rigid media market and the systematic censorship. The initiative will consist of training and capacity building of journalists in the field of Mobile Journalism, whereby commissioning, production and publication of multimedia news items is also envisaged.

Citizens Channel – Albania

The Citizens Channel (CC), was established in 2017 as a volunteer project led by a group of young, renowned journalism academics and professionals in Albania. This innovative media organisation aims to promote citizen engagement in generating media content and setting the news agenda. CC aim to inform citizens on issues that directly affect them, initiating public debates and encouraging the use of innovative ways of generating and disseminating media content.

Termokiss - Kosovo

In summer of 2016, a group of young Kosovan artists gathered 45 volunteers to refurbish an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Prishtina, once belonging to Termokos, a public heating company in Kosovo. With the aim of creating a non-commercial social space for Kosovar youth, they used the space to create the first community-run center in Kosovo named Termokiss. Since its inception, the concept of the space has evolved, shaped by the ideas of the youth who frequent it. Through art exhibitions, movie screenings, cultural events, concerts, charity events and lectures, Termokiss has created a rare space for Kosvar youth to convene and be civically engaged . With EED’s support, Termokiss are refurbishing their space to better accommodate their activities.

Drin Gashi – Kosovo

Drin Gashi is a young digital activist from Pristina, Kosovo. With EED’s support, he will produce a YouTube-based comedy show, which seeks to use humour and satire to analyse socio-political events and cultural elements of the society, in order to increase critical thinking among youth.

NGO iACT – Montenegro

iACT, is a small local organisation based in the town of Ulcinj, a coastal city with the Albanian majority in Montenegro which aims to encourage youth engagement and multiculturalism through kino-activism. With EED’s support, iAct will organise their fifth annual Seanema Film Festival which aims to be a platform for art promoting social change. The festival will engage youth volunteers across Montenegro, who will not only participate in the discussions about openness and multi-culturalism after the screenings, but also assist in the organization of 7 Pop-Up Seanema Film screenings in the municipalities that don’t have cinemas.

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