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Screening of Little Palestine (Diary of a Siege)

“I wanted to show human solidarity, I wanted to show how people want to keep living even in terrible circumstances”

- Abdallah Al-Khatib

In March, EED, together with ActionSyrie, hosted a screening in Brussels of the documentary Little Palestine (Diary of a Siege), and a post-screening discussion with Abdallah Al-Khatib, the film’s director, and Mohammad Ali Atassi, its producer and the director of former EED partner Bidayyat.

“When I decided to film life in the camp, I didn’t know I would make a documentary out of this footage. I didn’t even know if I would survive. I wanted to show human solidarity, I wanted to show how people want to keep living even in terrible circumstances. They want to laugh; they want to make music. They don’t just want to, they need to.”

Abdallah Al-Khatib

Difference Day 2022: Journalism During a Time of Crisis

For the seventh year in a row, EED was one of the co-organisers of Difference Day, a high-profile celebration of World Press Freedom Day in Brussels, which returned as a live event after two online editions.

EED organised a discussion titled “Journalism During a Time of Crisis” at Bozar on the 3rd of May. The panel, moderated by Belarusian journalist Hanna Liubakova, brought together journalists from Belarus and Ukraine to discuss how they continue their work despite state repression and war.

International Democracy Day Brussels 2022

“People say to me: ‘Rana, you’re really brave’. But I don’t want to be brave. Journalists shouldn’t have to be brave. We shouldn’t have to be threatened, prosecuted or incarcerated.”

- Rana Ayyub

World Forum for Democracy 2022

In November, EED was in Strasbourg with a delegation of our grantees from Armenia, Iraq, Serbia and Turkey to attend the 10th World Forum for Democracy, organised by the Council of Europe. This year’s edition, “Democracy: A New Hope?”, discussed the future of democracy through a series of labs and panel discussions with young activists from around the world.