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About EED Support Questions & Answers

In order to apply you are requested to answer the brief questions below. Please provide clear and concise answers to the questions.

Apply for Support

Please Tell Us Who You Are

Who is the contact person for this request?

Please Tell Us Who Knows You

Please provide us with the names and contact information of at least three reputable persons whom we could contact for a recommendation in support of your activities. *

1. Please give a short summary of the initiative. * (Maximum 3000 characters)

Please specify the following details for your initiative:
- its main activities
- its beneficiaries and how the initiative will have an impact on them
- its approximate duration
- the region, country or community targeted
- partners that will participate in the initiative

2. What is the objective of the initiative? * (Maximum 1500 characters)

Please identify one or two specific objectives that you wish to achieve through the suggested initiative and please list which changes, evidence, or results will show that the objectives have been achieved.

3. Are you aware of any similar activities already being pursued in your region, country or community? * (Maximum 1000 characters)

If so, in what way is the initiative innovative or complementary to the already existing activities?

4. Please describe your capacity and experience. * (Maximum 2500 characters)

- What is the size of your organisation/group? For example number of members, staff, participants in your network. Do you have an office or place to meet?
- Have you already implemented other activities? (please give us a brief overview of your most relevant activities and the main donors you have been cooperating with).
- Please provide us with a short explanation of why you think you have the capacity to implement the activities you suggest.

5. Please assess the risks associated with this initiative. * (Maximum 1300 characters)

Please tell us if there are any risks associated with the implementation of this initiative.

6. EED aims to fund initiatives that add value and that other donors may not be able to support. Please answer the following questions to help us understand how funding this initiative was not possible by other means. (Maximum 1000 characters)

- Have you approached any other donors regarding this specific initiative?
- Why have you applied to EED for funding for this particular initiative?
- Which donors have supported you or are currently supporting you?
- Why would you have difficulty carrying out the activity without EED funding?

7. Please provide an overview of the way you would use the EED contribution. *

Total costs of the initiative

Please provide us with an overview of how you expect to use the EED contribution by filling in and uploading this basic budget template

8. If you are applying as an individual, please upload a CV or short biography

Emergency funding requested.

If emergency funding is requested, please explain why.

In duly justified cases, EED will process a limited number of requests for support urgently. Please provide a brief explanation of why your request is urgent and the potential consequences if you do not receive funding urgently. Please note that emergency funding should only be requested in extraordinary situations.

Alternatively, if you have security concerns about providing the requested information via this webpage, please send your application directly to grants@democracyendowment.eu

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